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How to comment when you have nothing to comment?

No comment is definitely an answer of a question.

No comment is definitely NOT an answer of a question.

We have always created a reality over perception on others. What we think of another person is what we believe the person is. This is not uncommon and in fact, we can change this whenever you are confronted by media entourage. There is nothing personal if pressmen asking you question but how to answer question really matter. What they want is just an answer and remember that, they got employed not just to pestering on you. Obviously no comment is not the answer simply because of perception of others. Now, how to deal with this?

Always remember that you have to tell a reporter everything you know but it has to be within your capacity’s limit. There are often legitimate reasons for withholding information. Hence, if you are a PR of a public listed company, you can always say this:

“We are sorry for not be able to confirm or deny that news until regulators (Bursa Malaysia) is properly notified. “


If you are not sure what to do in pressing time, Biggerplan has more to offer you!


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Meeting Newsroom Deadline

Most of the time, PR professionals take forever to responds to media request, for no apparent reason. There was a case recently where national oil company Petroliam Nasional Bhd. (Petronas) get into media attention after its internal memo leaked. A local journalist get the memo about capex realignment and its plan on rough future midst of weak crude prices and he wrote the story before foreign news agency picked the news. The news has then become international news but Petronas was not responding to any comment until 9pm with just two paragraph long release. It was then too late, and editors just run the story.

Here are some guideline for you if your company receive a call form media:
Daily newspapers: Late afternoon, normally by 7pm all pages already finalised
• Weekly newspapers or magazines: Depends on day of release; most commonly Wednesday- Friday but do check with them like The Edge, StarBiz et cetra
Monthly magazines: Two or three months before issue date
Radio and television: One or two hours before broadcast
Internet: Rolling deadlines, sometimes 24 hours a day

But most of the time, PR replying late to media because the afraid or do not know how to responds. Contact us if you need help in organising your words in meeting newsroom deadline.

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When is the best time to get publicity?

Many of PR practitioners take long holidays during major festivals like during Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year or even during school breaks. Here are my simple tips, if you want to get your story out, send your news release during dry season. Dry season is when newsroom observe long festive seasons or long weekend that crated shortage of news.

Secondly, call your respective editor whether they want your assistance. Don’t take rejection personally if they say no. You doesn’t know that a simple phone call of 30 sen a minute might give you ROI worth RM3,000.

Start now or else our team at Pakar Publisiti is more than happy to assist you in getting your news release done nicely and delivered to the correct person.

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